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1st Mississippi Bucks

What is it?

1st Mississippi Bucks

How to Use

1st Mississippi Bucks can be used to established membership with 1st MS Federal Credit Union.

*Some restrictions will apply!


$30.00 To join 1st MS FCU $25 dollars in cash is needed and is deposited into your savings account. We are investing $5.00 towards your savings account to help it grow. The starting deposit and investment totals to $30.00 (1st MS Bucks).

*Funds will be put on hold until the account has been opened for 6 months.

How to Get Bucks

Bucks are distributed at different events 1st MS FCU participates in examples: Financial education workshops and community events.

Requirements to become a member:

  1. Live, Work, Or worship in Lauderdale or Clarke County.
  2. 2 forms of identification are needed: Driver's License & Social Security Card
    1. Minors (birth certificate & social security card)