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Debit Cards

Unlike most banks, 1st MS offers instant-issue debit cards on the day you open an account with us. Walk in and open an account, and walk out with your debit card! Debit cards work like a credit card, but funds are deducted from your checking account automatically, so there's no need to worry about monthly payments or finance charges.

You can also use your 1st MS debit card to get cash quickly from one of our designated ATMs. All your transactions show up on your monthly account statement for easy tracking.

If you think your Debit Card has been lost or stolen, let us know immediately by calling 601.693.6873 or to report lost or stolen Visa® debit cards after hours, call 1.800.523.4175.

If you need additional help or information, contact one of our Member Services Representatives. Click here for contact information.

* Accounts opened in our Quitman branch will have cards mailed to them on the same day the account is opened.