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Christmas Skip A Pay

Enjoy Extra Cash This Holiday Season With Skip A Payment!

The holiday season will soon be upon us and to help you and your family minimize the expense burden, your Credit Union will again offer “SKIP A PAYMENT”. As a member in good standing, we will allow you to skip your (December or January) loan payment(s). This will in no way affect your credit rating or your standing with the Credit Union.

Simply complete the form below, sign it as indicated, and return it to us, either in person or by mail with your check or funds for $35.00 to cover administrative costs no later than 10 days before your payment is due. (Please do not send cash through the mail) Your loan account must be current and not less than (6) months old to qualify for a “Skip A Payment”. If returning this form in person, you may pay cash or have the $35.00 administrative cost deducted from your 1st Mississippi account by one of our tellers.

Apply Now

*Some restrictions may apply. Please note that payments on mortgage/real estate loans are not eligible for skip a payment.